Below are a few facts to help you better understand our AdessoCharge Lighting.

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AdessoCharge is the Adesso brand of wireless charging products. All products with the AdessoCharge name are Qi certified and listed on the WPC website. Our products are all tested and in compliance with the Qi standard. AdessoCharge combines function, safety and style to provide our customers with the best wireless charging assortment in the market.

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AdessoCharge lamps include a wireless charging pad with Qi inductive charging technology. Many smartphones have this Qi technology built in, so you just place your phone on the pad and it will charge right up. Every Qi Certified product actually has a certificate. Adesso has an authentic Qi certifcate for every AdessoCharge item we offer.  


If your smartphone doesn’t support Qi wireless charging, you can purchase a Qi Certified case, which is sold through a variety of retail channels. Products using the Qi standard must be tested rigorously to help ensure safety, interoperability and energy efficiency. Only products that have passed these independent laboratory tests can use the Qi logo and are considered “Qi Certified”. All Qi Certified products are listed on the WPC website:


All phone models released in 2018 or later are likely to include Qi technology. In order to check your specific phone to be sure it will be compatible with the Qi wireless charger, please follow these instructions to confirm that your phone is Qi Certified:

1. Visit this link:
2. Click on the link that shows “Find all Qi Certified mobile phones”
3. Scroll through the list or type your phone Brand Name into the “Search” section to see if your phone is Qi Certified!